Nigerians with regular passports must first get a Brazilian visa before traveling to Brazil. The application must be submitted both online and in person at the embassy. In Brazil, visits are restricted to 90 days for each entrance, for a total of 180 days per year.

The issuance of visas is a typical act of a state’s sovereignty. No foreigner has the right to be granted a visa. As a result, the Brazilian consular authorities and the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs may determine if the paperwork presented is adequate for the application’s examination. Even if all relevant documents are given, the consular authority can refuse to issue a visa if they believe that the grant is not in the best interests or convenience of the Country.

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Tourist Visa

This is the visa intended for a short stay in Brazil and for tourists. The validity of the visa ranges from 3-12months.

Maternity Visa

This class of visa is for Nigerians who intend to visit Brazil for the purpose of seeking medical services like birth services. This visa is available for those who already have a Brazil visa or not.
If you have a brazil visa, you can still apply for our medical services for a smooth port of entry process.

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