The Canada visa is a stamp in your passport that permits you to enter the country of Canada. It allows you to enter the country and remain lawfully, either temporarily or permanently. The processing time for a Canadian visa at the embassy might range between 60 and 82 working days. Obtaining a visa to Canada implies that the Canadian Consulate or Embassy in your home country has determined that you are eligible and meet the entrance criteria.

If you haven’t applied for a Canadian visa in the last 10years, you now need to give your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) when submitting your application.

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Tourist Visa

This visa is intended for a short trip to Canada. A visiting visa, also known as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), is a kind of immigration document that allows foreigners to enter and travel to Canada. The validity duration of the visa ranges from one to four years.

Maternity Visa

This visa category is for Nigerians who want to visit Canada to obtain medical services, such as childbirth. This visa is accessible to everyone, whether they currently hold a US visa or not. If you have a visa, you may still use our medical services at the port of entry.

Canada Immigration

This is the class of visa for people who want to relocate to Canada permanently or temporality for the purpose of work. Canada Immigration is a completely electronic process involving the federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers. This process takes about 6-9months.

Student Visa

This is the visa intended for anyone who wishes to school in Canada either as an undergraduate or postgraduate. The validity of the visa ranges from 12-48months depending on the type of program you intend to go for.

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