International Travel Insurance Fare Quote

Number of DaysBronze Plan
Silver Plan
Gold Plan
1-7 daysN6,000N5,300N6,500
8-14 daysN7,300N7,100N8,300
15-21 daysN10,400N9,400N10,400
22-35 daysN11,900N13,900N13,900
35-42 daysN13,500N14,500N15,500
42-90 daysN15,800N16,800N20,800
Schedule of CoverBronze
(Limits in USD)
(Limits in USD)
(Limits in USD)
Medical Expenses and Hospitalization Abroad15,00050,000150,000
Emergency Dental Care6001,0001,000
Trip Cancellation Expenses1,0001,5002,000
Hijacking in Means of Public TransportNot CoveredNot Covered250/hour up to 10,000
Loss of Passport, driving license, national identity card abroadNot Covered300500
Compensation for delay in the arrival of luggageNot Covered5001,000
Delayed DepartureNot Covered5001,000
Location and forwarding of personal effectNot CoveredCoveredCovered
Accidental Death occurred in means of public transport15,00025,00050,000
Permanent Total disabilityNot Covered25,00050,000

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