Europe School Service

We offer School Service in Belgium, Lithuania, Hungary, Finland and Poland with other European countries to join shortly. Our school service for both undergraduate and post-graduate student is aimed to provide the best and affordable service for students who wish to study Europe. This service enables prospective students to have access to:

  • Over 2000 Schools in Europe
  • Admission assistance
  • School Search
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Visa processing for clients who do not have visa
  • Flight tickets
  • Transportation and more

What our Services entail

1. School Search

We give aid with acquiring a list of institutions that are willing to accept international students, provide the course of your choice, and are inexpensive. We are associated with approximately 4000 schools internationally.

2. Visa Processing

We offer visa processing for customers who do not have a valid Visa. We have a success percentage of 86% on all our student visa processes.

3. Admission Assistance

We aid with entrance into the school of your choosing

4. Payment of Tuition charge

We aid with entrance into the school of your choosing

5. Accommodation Assistance

We aid with accommodation assistance either in the campus facilities or outside the campus

6. Flight

We also give reduced airplane tickets to our clientele.

7. English Proficiency Test Registration

We help with IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and GRE test registration if it’s a prerequisite for the institution you want to attend.

8. Budget Sheet

We will offer you a comprehensive estimate of all the cash you should budget to spend. This depends on the school you receive admission to or intend to study.

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